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Spiritual Ear Audio has completed the Listener Clarity recording of A Course In Miracles by Andrew Allansmith a professional voice and ACIM student and teacher for over 25 years. This new recording is done with permission from the publisher and copyright holder of A Course In Miracles. Listener Clarity Version of A Course In Miracles means it is read for you with many of the pronouns (it, he) replaced by the proper noun on the page (miracle, world, your brother, Holy Spirit) to facilitate understanding while listening. Learn more about this here.

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Entire ACIM all 4 parts 62 CDs $279 or download $99 Entire ACIM on CD
Part I - Text 38 CDs $159 or download $59 Description
Part II - Workbook 17 CDs $79 or download $29 Description
Part III - Manual 4 CDs $29 or download $17 Description    
Part IV - Supplements 3 CDs $25 or download $15 Description    
Any Selection USB Drive Description    


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All quotes from A Course in Miracles © are from the 3rd Edition, published in 2007 by the Foundation for Inner Peace and are used with written permission.