A Course In Miracles:
Lessons Title Drill

Learn the lesson titles and their numbers

This two disc set is a careful and complete recording of the lesson titles in the Workbook for Students of A Course In Miracles.   It is studio recorded by a professional reader who is also a 25 year ACIM student and facilitator deeply in love with the material.   The style is gentle and confident.

Each lesson number is announced once, followed by three repetitions of the lesson title at a conversational pace with a pause after the group.   A review of each 10 lesson titles and numbers is more rapidly read for you as the drill progresses. Soft piano accompaniment is blended at the beginning and end of each disc, but not throughout.

This is PURE ACIM and is a powerful learning tool for the blessed message of A Course in Miracles.   This drill can be used by facilitators and students alike who want to raise their awareness of the lessons, the lesson numbers, and the sequence in which they are presented.   The power of the titles themselves brings a surprising level of self-teaching/learning experience as one follows along while driving, meditating, falling asleep, or waking up.   Eventually, they always work to wake you up!

All Lesson titles are covered on the two discs.   For example:
Of course, this list is only a sampling (and it was hard not to enter them all on this page!), but from reading the list you might get a feel for the experience.   The narrator has a deep male voice and uses subtle variations in each lesson title repetition, encouraging the listener to consider the meaning.

Money back satisfaction guarantee.     Drill Sample

Great for the clock radio (waking up or falling asleep), workouts, commuting, or just trying to awaken with A Course In Miracles anywhere!   Some listeners report using the calm voice as background while doing chores while increasing their knowledge of the lesssons.   Others report time flies by during the commute with the drill and that it gives meaning (purpose!) to their drive.

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