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A passionate ACIM student and gifted writer, Dr. Lorraine Haataia is a lifelong learner with six college degrees. She has expertise in several industries including education, construction and transportation. She believes that people's thoughts create their reality. She's passionate about writing because it gives readers the opportunity to learn on demand, open their minds, and benefit by seeing the world in a new way.

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Community Miracles Center (CMC)

CMC was formed in San Francisco, CA in 1987. It's web site serves the worldwide A Course In Miracles community. CMC hosts large international ACIM conferences. CMC has a two year class program that leads to full, legal ordination as an ACIM Minister. Classes are done via telephone conference call so anyone can take it regardless of geographic location. CMC sells the largest and most diverse collection of ACIM literature available anywhere through its web site. There is also an extensive ACIM study group directory, a community blog named the Miracles On-Line Discussion Group (MOLDG), a comprehensive web links page, countless in-depth ACIM articles, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. CMC publishes a printed journal named Miracles Monthly and distributes the CMC Ezine via email. Locally the CMC has Sunday Service, classes, and numerous Fellowship activities. The CMC was cofounded, and is still organized, by Rev. Tony Ponticello.
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