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Spiritual Ear Audio has completed the fresh new recording of A Course In Miracles Part I and Part IV by Andrew Allansmith a professional voice and ACIM student and teacher of 18 years. The style is gentle but confident and brief touches of music indicate section changes. This 47-hour recording is done with permission from the publisher and copyright holder of A Course In Miracles. Although you will need to download them with your PC or Mac, the files will play on any computer, MP3 player, iPod, or smart phone.


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Note: The only changes made from the book in this recording are to make listening more effective by inserting the word TRUE where words such as Self are capitalized and sometimes the inferred proper noun from the page is used to clarify successive pronouns such as "it," "he," and "him." Harp music indicates indented and italicized phrases.. More on this.
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ACIM Part I:   The Text MP3
The Text download 44 hours $59
ACIM Part II:   The Workbook for Students MP3
The Lessons download 22 Hours $29
ACIM Part III:   The Manual for Teachers MP3
Manual for Teachers 4 hours $17
ACIM Part IV:   ACIM Supplements
Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer download 3 hours $15
ACIM Study Tools Downloads
The 14 Terms: ACIM Workbook Definitions 1 hour $7
ACIM Lessons Title Drill 2 hrs $10
Gary Renard Audio
Gary Renard CD and MP3
The Teaching of Buddha MP3
The Teaching of Buddha 6 hours $12
Send Me an MP3 Disc of my Choices to skip downloads   $10

MP3 downloads are now available of the new recording of A Course In Miracles by Andrew Allansmith of Spiritual Ear Audio. With permission from the copyright holder sections are available in MP3, CD, and preloaded MP3 players.