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If you already have an MP3 player, this dedicated player maybe a practical solution to keeping your place as you work through the book and mix in other MP3 listening via your existing MP3 player. Of course, you also save over 3 gigabytes of space by having it on a dedicated player and avoid large download times.

All players are high quality devices that will remember exactly where you left off listening. They include earbud headphones and USB connect and charging cables. The display-capable devices allow you to scroll through the section titles and choose what you want to hear. All devices have a random shuffle mode that will randomly pick sections to play for you, but by default they will play through the book in proper order. Apple players will be blue or silver and the Zen players will be black.

These three players have been preloaded with Spiritual Ear ACIM Audio and will arrive in the mail ready to use. They are new devices that have been opened by Spiritual Ear only for loading. All players have Part 1: The Text preloaded, 44 hours. You may request other parts to be included or other Spiritual Ear Audio MP3 products to be loaded at time of purchase. The entire MP3 library on this site will fit on any of these players, just over 3 Gigabytes. You will be invoiced for the price of the device you choose, plus the MP3 file price for any additional audio you request to be loaded at checkout or via email.

Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days. If your device fails for any reason we will refund or replace at no charge. They are intended for dedicated ACIM use as shipped. Connecting to a computer for other uses may cause you to accidentally delete your ACIM files. You may mail your device in at any time to have additional Spiritual Ear MP3 files loaded or reloaded for a minimal charge. Email with request for more details. Shipping times subject to stock availability. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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Note: The only changes made from the book in this recording are to make listening more effective by inserting the word TRUE where words such as Self are capitalized and sometimes the inferred proper noun from the page is used to clarify successive pronouns such as "it," "he," and "him." Harp music indicates indented and italicized phrases. More on this.