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Spiritual Ear has been dedicated to making PURE ACIM study tools available since 2004.

Andrew Allansmith
Narrated by
Andrew Allansmith

Most of the products are audio and all are read for you by Andrew Allansmith a professional voice who is a student, teacher and devotee of A Course In Miracles for over 18 years.

Spiritual Ear was established to make a more usable A Course In Miracles audio. A new recording of the book has resulted with the following improvements:

Pure ACIM  

The recordings of the A Course In Miracles from Spiritual Ear are intended to carry the exact meaning of the book in a lively and usable manner.   Wherever practical, the exact words are presented with no more and no less.   The exception is where the material has a string of pronouns (he, it, they, etc.) and the meaning of "it" can be easily confused or lost since a listener cannot refer to the book.   Spiritual Ear inserts the appropriate noun from the page such as "Holy Spirit, your brother, God, the miracle, etc." in place of "It, he, He, it, etc." In some instances of capitalization, such as "Mind," it is read as "true Mind." The clarifications are rare, usually single word, and very, very, minimal. Accuracy is based on over 25 years of studying and teaching the material and to be more careful, we used the opinion of other senior students and teachers and contacted FACIM the Foundation for A Course In Miracles (Ken Wapnick's organization) where needed for clarification.

Use of Music

This audio uses very little music, only seconds of classical piano underneath the chapter and section titles. Additionally, Spiritual Ear adds soft harp music where the Course has indented paragraphs printed in italics, to highlight these beautiful prayers.

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