ACIM Supplements:
Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer

This 3 Disc Set is the first recording of the two Pamphlets,
or Supplements, of A Course In Miracles.   View Track List

The supplements were scribed by Dr. Helen Schucman in the same manner as the Course.   Psychotherapy, although ostensibly written for psychotherapists, offers a summary of the Course's principles of healing: two people joined in sharing a common interest or goal.   The Song of Prayer summarizes the Course's teaching on prayer, forgiveness, and healing.   The ego's wrong-minded view is presented and contrasted with the Holy Spirit's right-minded view.   Carefully narrated by Andrew Allansmith, a professional reader and long-time ACIM student and facilitator. This is copyrighted material used with permission from the Foundation for Inner Peace. 

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