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ACIM Audio

Dear Spiritual Ear,
I just wanted to thank you for quality of the A Course In Miracles audios. I have it in my car and on my iPod and now I have the disc that plays through the TV. I am so happy with the reader, he reads with pauses in just the right places so the big messages sink in. I can feel the love the reader has for the material so much it is like a direct transmission and not just a reading. The confidence and certaintly in the voice makes me pay more attention and get so much out of hearing it presented this way! It really feels important. I'll listen to the same chapter 3x or more before moving on. It's hard to put this into words, but I feel spiritually elevated when I listen. I notice my ego dissapearing. It's the power of ACIM for sure, but I can get through these audios. Thank you so much.

Wendy, CA

Dear Andrew,
I wanted to thank you again for the exquisite, skilled reading of A Course In Miracles. It becomes very clear,
listening to your emphases, that Jesus has presented himself, because this (ACIM) was channeled Jesus, as a
rabbi who is discussing truths we need in order to understand what he was teaching us to understand. You
feel the human, loving you, beaming at you with a huge smile on his face, or an intense, earnest look as he
explains his thinking, nurturing you, encouraging you to make a new choice, as you listen. It is astounding,
how well you have portrayed and have communicated this through your spoken words. I appreciate it so much,
and it keeps me eager for the next sentence, the next topic, to become the person that He sees me as.

Love, Mary

Hi Spiritual Ear,

Thank you for sending me the Course CDs. The original reading of the Course has never shown me very much. The reader just seemed to want to get through, but your recording is much warmer and easier to listen to. The music between the sections is a very nice touch.

Sara W., Houston, Texas


The Preloaded MP3 Player

" The principles taught in A Course in Miracles have become the most important part of my daily life. Reading the text and doing the lessons have been one way of integrating these principles. Now, having the text read TO me is another way; one I’ve grown very fond of, particularly since using a great little ACIM product Andrew has produced in the form of his tiny ACIM MP3 player. I can clip it discretely to my clothing and continuously listen to the Course text anywhere and at anytime. I can press stop when I need to, and it will pick up where I left off next time. The batteries are rechargeable, and it runs for many hours on one charge.

I find Andrew’s soothing, well-modulated voice easy to listen to. His style of reading makes me feel like I’m not so much being ‘read to’, as being ‘shared with’…and that helps to deepen the material in my mind.

If you are a serious ACIM student, I highly recommend owning this cool and handy little tool."

Sandra Lee, Boulder Creek, CA

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