This is the just-released audiobook version of the amazing Teaching of Buddha which is published by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism) with 7 million copies in print. This item is new in shrink wrap. It is the latest English edition (253rd revision!) and is an unabridged lively recording of the 310 page book on 6 CD's or 5 cassettes. The contents of this book have been carefully selected from over 5000 volumes of original Buddhist teachings preserved and handed down for more than 2,500 years. Buddhist scholars will recognize the original form of ancient stories and pithy teachings while new students will enjoy the succinct flavor of the original Mahayana teachings. History and Glossary of terms included and also read for you.

The CD version includes a PDF file on Disc 6 which allows you to search the entire document for closer study or to print any part of the book on your computer. Not available in stores.

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