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These Words are sacred, for they are the words God gave in answer to the world you made.
By them it disappears, and all things seen within its misty clouds and vaporous illusions vanish as these words are spoken.

- Lesson 161

A Course in Miracles went through some editing before it was published. I recommend this original phrasing and behind-the-scenes-feel manuscript for ACIM students and scholars whose hearts and minds have been touched by A Course in Miracles

This is a printed, covered, and bound clean copy of the original typing of the Text, Workbook, and Manual, plus 60 pages of "special messages."   Printing and collating 1800 pages of this precious material on a home printer can be a surprising and costly drain on printer supplies and time.   I have done it for you with a commercial printer in an efficient format.

This is the first typing by Bill Thetford or the first re-typing by Helen Shucman, but it is likely the very first draft. If you are looking for THE Urtext, this is it. Be sure you are getting the whole and actual Urtext. My test is how many pages are used to cover the Miracle Principles: published version 6, JCIM "Original Edition" 15, this manuscript over 100!! -- its the one.

The Urtext was photocopied and passed around many times many years ago.   It is EARLIER than the JCIM, (aka: HLC, "Hugh Lynn Casey Version," "Original Edition") and +++ contains all three books and the Clarification of Terms! Plus it has Helen's handwritten editing notes in the margins AND about 60 pages of personal messages meant (apparently??) just for Helen and Bill; but so powerful that some ended up in the published Course... it's the raw and complete teaching before editing was done years later for publishing.

The ones on sale here are digitally printed from a scan of the original typewritten pages (not copied) so there is no further degradation and I have them professionally bound with plastic covers. You get all 1800 pages formatted to fit into 455 full-sized duplexed double-sided pages. Not too big to carry around, it's the size of a ream of paper and the print is easy to read with the same character size as the published version.

For me, it has been helpful and clarifying to see the actual wording and context of some of the most familiar parts of the Course.   It really flows better, for me.   It's also validating and touching to read some of Helen's personal questions to the Author and His personal answers, embedded in the scribing.   Wow! is an understatement.

Whole pages, whole discussions, paragraphs, phrases, and original terms were changed or removed.   Approximately 40,000 words were removed from the first 9 chapters and about 6000 words where moved around.   Discussions of sex were deleted, death thoughts, basic psychology and famous psychologists, Cayce, a wonderful discussion on "The Possession Fallacy," and many other subjects that were decided not to be appropriate for the public edition.   Several terms were changed to more "common" terms, for example "Spiritual Eye" was changed to "Holy Spirit" in some instances.   There is a simple and extremely well described explanation why the very term "atonement" was chosen !!!   Discussions/mentions of Hitler, libido, money, gambling, alcoholism, and other topics are included.   Plus, there is Jesus' emphasis via selective word capitalization that brings CLARITY to the phrasing. The capitalization was reduced in the JCIM/HLC and eliminated in the published version.

It brought tears to my eyes (17-year ACIM student) seeing the original words, benefiting from the clarifications, the extra information that was channeled, the very, very personal and graceful nature of the Author comes through.   It's amazing.   Email me to see a sample page.

Why not free shipping?   Well, even double-ganged and and two-sided, this manuscript is still nearly a full ream, two inches thick, and almost 6 pounds. International shipping has new restrictions and my only option is USPS Priority Mail. Let me know if you know a better way to ship to your country and I'll try to accomodate.   If you are challenged for funds send me an offer via email and I will try to meet your price.

Sample Page

Common Questions:

Q: May I see a sample page?
A: Yes! See page 30 above or click here

Q: Is this the JCIM?
A: No, tens of thousands of words were edited from this document to make the JCIM, also published as "The Original Edition." Editing makes it an edition. For example, the common published version, the most highly edited, covers the Principles of Miracles in 4 pages, the JCIM covers them in 15, and this original non-edited manuscript covers them in about 100 and they are riveting.

Q: Where did you get this material?
A: I ran advertisements in a small town in California where I knew the original had been handed out by the back in the late 70's and a long road of phone calls and later emails led me to a copy of the the original manuscript.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, but with worldwide postal rule changes for USA it is very expensive and can cost up to $75 for shipping. I have tried slow boat methods and took two months, so now I only use USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes. Very reliable with tracking -- depending on your destination.

Here are some comments from buyers:

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+ Just lovely, lovely, lovely.
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+ Better than I expected! Well worth the money!! Thank you! Highly Recommend!
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+ Very happy with the book and the transaction as a whole. Highly recommended.
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