Spiritual Ear Audio has completed the fresh new recording of A Course In Miracles Part I, III, and IV by Andrew Allansmith a professional voice and 18 year ACIM student and teacher. This recording is done with permission from the publisher and copyright holder of A Course In Miracles. Hear a sample below.

Now, Spiritual Ear has made this priceless material more accessible without the bulk stack of CD's nor the technical hassle of dowloading 276 MP3 files. Preloaded name-brand MP3 players are ready for listening right out of the box!

All players have Part I: The Text preloaded, 44 hours. At any time you may request other ACIM Books to be included or any other Spiritual Ear Audio MP3 products to be loaded. Learn more about the players here.

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Mail in your Apple iPod (any model or year or your old iPhone) and we'll load A Course In Miracles on for you. Return shipping included. We won't delete anything on your player unless we need room or have to reset your player. Please assume all other files on your player will be deleted to make room for the Course.

Email for instructions on sending in your player and tell us what files you want loaded and accessories and we'll send you a custom invoice. The loading charge for your player is $30 and includes return shipping to USA, $15 additional charge for International.

• Use your favorite player.
• Usually mailed back to you within 5 working days.
• Choose whatever Add On files you like
• Choose from any of the MP3 Accessories on this page


110 Volt Wall Charger

Charges your device from USA wall sockets

Car Charger

Charges your device using your car's 12V accessory port (lighter socket)

Folding Portable Speakers

Swivel removable belt clip


This universal belt clip will give your Zen Mozaic player a strong swivel clip that will attach to belts, pockets, or straps securely. Just peel and stick the button half to your player and then it slides in and out of the clip half.

Folding Portable Speakers

Portable Folding Speakers


Hear your ACIM without headphones with these battery operated and amplified portable folding speakers. Good for sharing with others at a high quality and loud enough to operate in the car.

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Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days. If your device fails for any reason we will refund or replace at no charge. They are intended for dedicated ACIM use as shipped. Connecting to a computer for other uses may cause you to accidentally delete your ACIM files. You may mail your device in at any time to have additional Spiritual Ear MP3 files loaded or reloaded for a minimal charge. Email with request for more details. Shipping times subject to stock availability. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Note: The only changes made from the book in this recording are to make listening more effective by inserting the word TRUE where words such as Self are capitalized and sometimes the inferred proper noun from the page is used to clarify successive pronouns such as "it," "he," and "him." Harp music indicates indented and italicized phrases. More on this.

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